Where The Magic Happens

Where The Magic Happens

Whether in your professional or personal life, never forget where the magic happens!


Author: Steven Macek

I learnt a long time ago that in order to grow it is necessary to step outside one’s comfort zone. As a person who craves growth and change this has led me to continually seek out opportunities to make myself uncomfortable, whether physically, emotionally or psychologically. The (Dis)Comfort Zone blog is a vehicle for cataloging those experiences.

3 thoughts on “Where The Magic Happens”

  1. re,
    Certainly the magic zone is a field bigger than the comfort zone. However, to make it ‘operationally’ more effective, if we place the ‘comfort zone’ inside the ‘magic zone’ concentrically and 3 dimensionally, we are aware of being inside a castle/cage/limitation. We would then have a true sense of ‘limitation right where we are’, and any act of initiative will(which is ‘non-directional’ by definition) no matter in what area of our life, physically, mentally, psychically, spiritually, would expand our conscious zone in that discipline or field out into a more magical zone. Moving from 2 dimensions to 3 dimensions in our understanding shifts consciousness from our castle/cage mind awareness(2 dimensions) to magical field awareness(3 dimensions). We are then able to apply our full component of development capacities ‘immediately’ in every moment, without the lag time of ‘mind’ while it checks previous history and previous pains(which in reality ‘are’ our limits). Our history is what inhibits our 3 dimensional magical immediacy and the full development of our talents and capacities. The little mental voice which says “Oh I couldn’t do that…!” IS the enemy. We can still apply the accepted social/moral/political/economic code of our day ‘within the comfort zone’. This gives a ‘base camp’ if and when when we need it. And then we ‘explore the 3 dimensional magic zone’ to expand(in any direction at any moment, immediately) our gaol, or definition, whatever we choose to call it. We don’t have to ‘go somewhere else’ spacially EXTERNAL to our being(assuming we know our ‘being’ to be much bigger than we are normally consciously aware, and ultimately well beyond our mere body and mind limits). We operate from our centre, expansively, 3 dimensionally, in every moment. The ‘mind'(2 dimensional) then becomes our tool(like a steering wheel, or timepiece, or compass) rather than having to ‘abstract'(draw away) consciousness from one zone and place it in another zone; then abstracting back later to return to that which is our ‘accepted’ comfort zone. This whole approach also gives a constant sense of ‘central unity’ and requires no ‘abstraction’ or separation or division or serial presentation, to the being – instead we have an ‘extension’. The being is always at ‘full potential’, working to develop ‘potentials'(powers held in) into ‘actuals'(powers activated and expanded), from its own unific centre, expansively. The classical definition of ‘Magic’ is ‘the initiation of change in conformity with the will’. ‘Will’ by definition is free, boundless, and an aspect of the absolute. Care is needed to not confuse ‘WILL’ with ‘desire’, ‘wish’, ‘want’, etc. WILL is limitless. The others imply ‘lack’ and the need to overcome lack. If we place ‘WILL’ outside our being, we are operationally paralysed and unable to initiate change, unable to develop. So eventually we realise that the Magic zone is ‘permeating’ our whole reality, rather than merely a place/zone to where we go elsewhere. This little video of a honey badger shows a simple form of the determination needed to transcend our gaol. The ‘will’ to expand and not to be ‘caged in’ is what drives the badger to ‘go that bit further’. The badger doesn’t ‘pre-think’ what to do. He wills to overcome. Smiles to all. M

  2. I particularly like this one given your nickname 😉 This deserves to be posted up on your wall somewhere!

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