The Marvellous City!

Twelve months ago I was travelling. I found myself in Rio de Janeiro – “The Marvellous City”.

View from Sugarloaf Mountain, looking back towards Copacabana

And marvellous it was.

Alone in a city of 12 million people.

My knowledge of the local language (Brazilian Portuguese) limited to “obrigado” and “de nada”.

From a 1 room apartment on Rua Nossa Senhora, about 100m from Copacabana Beach (thanks Airbnb), I had the perfect base from which to explore the sights.

  • Cristo Redentor (aka Christ the Redeemer)
  • Sugarloaf Mountain
  • Avenida Atlantica, promenading with the locals as the strip is closed to traffic on Sunday mornings – walkers, joggers, cyclists, rollerblades, dogs, even children driving electric toy cars
  • the beaches of Copacabana and Ipanema
  • magnificent steakhouses – like Churrascaria Palace (
  • ‘Kilo’ restaurants, where your plate is weighed and you pay by the gram
'Kilo' restaurant chain
‘Kilo’ restaurant chain
Weigh that guy's food
Weigh that guy’s food

My friend Malcolm from Melbourne Yoga ( previously lived in Rio for a number of years. He put me in touch with some friends from his time there (okay, so I wasn’t completely ‘alone’).

This meant multiple visits to Blyss Yoga in Ipanema for a local yoga experience.

Blyss Yoga

I can’t wait until the next time I get to visit Rio. Perhaps in time for the 2016 Olympic Games?


Author: Steven Macek

I learnt a long time ago that in order to grow it is necessary to step outside one’s comfort zone. As a person who craves growth and change this has led me to continually seek out opportunities to make myself uncomfortable, whether physically, emotionally or psychologically. The (Dis)Comfort Zone blog is a vehicle for cataloging those experiences.

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