Freedom Fighters Wanted…Must Have Exact Fare

July 2006.

Jaipur, India.

Train Station.

Ticket window #769.

Jaipur Train Station

Lyn went up to the window with instructions to purchase 2 tickets:

  • 1 x Foreign Tourist (Her)
  • 1 x Freedom Fighter (Me. Sure. Why not? I fight for freedom!)

So, what’s wrong with this picture?

If a person is prepared to fight for freedom, is it absolutely necessary to insist that they provide the exact fare? I mean really, can’t you cut a brother some slack…I’m trying to fight for freedom here!


Author: Steven Macek

I learnt a long time ago that in order to grow it is necessary to step outside one’s comfort zone. As a person who craves growth and change this has led me to continually seek out opportunities to make myself uncomfortable, whether physically, emotionally or psychologically. The (Dis)Comfort Zone blog is a vehicle for cataloging those experiences.

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