All My New Friends Are Goats

I was once told that the word goat can be broken down to go-at. This word was traditionally used to describe a common male behavioural characteristic. Men are compelled by circumstance, biology and psychology to be out in the world having a go-at something.

With that in mind, yesterday afternoon this goat decided to brave the wind and rain and have a go-at running some trails in the You Yangs (approx. 60km southwest of Melbourne). During a break in the rain as I climbed towards the ‘Saddle’ on the backside of Flinders Peak, my attention was caught by a noise in the undergrowth a few metres to my right.

It was a first for me….wild goats! A group of five were making their way through the scrub. Three of them paused atop some rocks and looked back my way, resulting in this photo opportunity:

YY Goats

Added all together we were six happy goats. You never know who you’re going to bump into when exploring some trails.


Author: Steven Macek

I learnt a long time ago that in order to grow it is necessary to step outside one’s comfort zone. As a person who craves growth and change this has led me to continually seek out opportunities to make myself uncomfortable, whether physically, emotionally or psychologically. The (Dis)Comfort Zone blog is a vehicle for cataloging those experiences.

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